For My Daughters: Lessons in Life

  1. Love and respect your mother-in-law {and me too of course}. But seriously, mother-in-laws have it hard when it comes to their boy’s wives. Their boundaries and social rules seem to be different than that expected of “Mom”. I know they’re not all a walk in the park or deserve your respect. Try to find common ground, build trust and respect mutually, and don’t think she’s trying to take over your life. She just wants to be apart of it. Don’t nitpick her to death over your kids. They’ll survive if they get one too many pieces of chocolate–promise.                                                   Image result for one little snack at grandma's
  2. Never leave your drink alone. I’ll save the horror stories for another day. Just don’t do it.             Image result for roofie gif
  3. Don’t google your baby’s symptoms or ask about them in a Mom Group. Runny nose does not equal death and coconut oil does not cure everything. If you’re concerned, call your doctor and stay off Web MD.Image result for coconut oil funny meme
  4. I don’t care how in love you are, finish college or whatever training program you choose before you get married. Do it for yourself and do it for your marriage.
  5. Know the difference between a friend and a gossiping ear. There will only be a handful {a baby handful} of girl friends who genuinely have your best interest at heart. Know who they are and be the same kind of friend to them. Not everyone finds friends like these so hang on tight to yours. Back to the gossiping ear…keep your lips zipped when someone confides in you and don’t confide in someone who can’t do the same. Image result for golden girls squad goals
  6. Never find yourself fighting over a boy. If you’re fighting over him or for him, he ain’t worth ya time sister.           Image result for no scrub gif
  7. Use crock-pot liners. Especially if it’s Rotel. You’re welcome.
  8. Make time for your girlfriends. While in high school, college and after you’re married with kids {this is when it’s logistically the hardest}. In high school and college, if you have a boyfriend, don’t center every minute of your free time around him. This is the time of your life that you need to be building those friendships to get your through life. You’ll need these friends. Invest yourself in them. You WILL fall on hard times…kids, marriage problems, infertility or miscarriages, divorce, health issues, betrayal, family deaths, etc. Don’t set yourself up to be standing there alone.Image result for meredith and cristina gif
  9. Learn how to look “put-together” in 15 minutes {or less}. Hint: it includes dry shampoo, the ability to apply easy/everyday make-up and timeless pieces of clothing.
  10. Learn how to make your house look “put-together in 15 minutes {or less}. Hint: it includes buying a house with lots of big closets to shove all your crap into.
  11. Know the difference between speaking your mind and being a bitch. No one will take you seriously if you “say what’s on your mind” and don’t say it with tact. And *spoiler alert* it’s OKAY to not always say what’s on your mind.
  12. Don’t send nudes. He’ll ask,!
  13. Don’t fight with people on the internet. Seriously, just don’t.Image result for keyboard warrior

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