Bye-Bye Baby Years

My little Van Man will turn two on Saturday {cue tears of “where did my baby go?” and insert smiles of “we’re finally starting to get in the groove of life not centered around naps and bottles and so much neediness!”}. Okay, so that last part about neediness varies from day to day. But I’m really starting to dig this whole *mom of three kids* opposed to *mom of three kids under the age three* thang. Because that was…well Sheldon explains it better than I can with words. Image result for stressed out gif

We’re hitting the ground running with a 2, 3 and 5 year old. Which I mean, lets be real, that’s not exactly a walk in the park. More like a walk in the park in Southeast Missouri with 100 degree temps, 99% humidity and mosquitoes flying in your face and biting your ankles while sweat’s running down your cleavage. But before {the days of three under three}, we couldn’t even take a walk in the park because Daddy was at work. The double stroller was a nightmare and I didn’t want to load it in the back of my vehicle because there was barely room for car seats and my three year old at the time {Bella} would’ve been crying that her legs hurt through the whole walk and Vance would’ve needed a bottle and it would’ve ended in tears. My tears. And their tears. All. The. Tears. So I’ll take my non-walk in the park now over my non-existent-walk in the park from the last couple of years any day.

Did any of that make sense? Probably not.

Image result for meredith grey shrugs gif

The point is, life feels a tad bit easier now. Like I’m finally coming up for air after two years of wondering what in the world I’d gotten myself into–choosing to get pregnant while I had a six month old baby and two year old who was taking every ounce of my sanity, a daycare from 7am-5pm and a husband working a crazy schedule {THEN nursing school}.

Every day isn’t filled with so many needs needing to be met hour after hour. Not as much of my time, energy, and attention is required now as it was a year ago. My kids go to bed at a decent time and they stay there {for the most part} until morning. Sidenote: I love sleep. I need sleep. Like a lotta sleep to function. So the kids sleeping this is a game changer. If someone misses a nap, it’s not the end of the world {usually}. Getting ready for church isn’t an hours-long affair on Sunday mornings.

It’s just…easier. And I feel more like Kendra Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

and a little less like a psychotic lunatic who hasn’t slept in three days and has baby puke on her shoulder.

Image may contain: 2 peopleImage may contain: 2 people

There will come a day that I’ll suddenly have baby fever {or so I’m told} and I don’t disagree. I’ll always look back on the baby pictures with nostalgia and even a little sadness at how fast time really does fly by. But right now I’m enjoying where we are. I haven’t always been able to say that.

I sorta feel like things will be kinda okay for a few years then we’re gonna hit the hard times again as we approach those teen years. I mean, what’s better than a teenager?? THREE teenagers!

Image result for screaming gif

Holy hormones, I already dread you but I’m gonna soak up these fun years for as long as possible.

The years where my kids still think I’m the coolest person ever and make the best microwavable macaroni and cheese {ask them, they’ll tell ya}.

The years where we get to pile up five deep on our sectional and somehow end up on one tiny cushion giggling over the word “fart”.

The years where vacations with Mom and Dad are more fun than sitting at the car wash up town with buddies.

The years where they’re so eager to talk to me and watch me do anything and everything {put on makeup, cook, put away groceries, poop}. 

The years where Daddy bringing home a bag of gummy worms is the highlight of their day.

The years where I don’t have to worry about all the many things the teenage years are going to bring into my home {the heartbreak, the social media, the doing things they shouldn’t be doing, the things I haven’t yet thought of}.

For now, I can {for the most part} spend my time and energy doling out love and bonding with my kids; hoping and praying that I’m laying the right foundation to get us all through the years ahead that will bring the tough times as the innocence of childhood fades away.

So as my youngest baby leaves behind what was left of his baby stage, I’m a little bit sad. But a whole lot proud that we made it. vance3vance2vance1



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