How I Save my Kids’ Artwork

Confession: Bella is 5 and I haven’t saved any of her artwork.

It’s not that I don’t adore the thirty-seven pictures of Doc McStuffins that she colors everyday. Or the crafts “she” makes at preschool. I just never came up with a system other than the trashcan.

But Kindergarten is next year and I will do better.

How do you all save your kiddos papers? All 539 of them each day?

I came up with a game plan that I think will work well for us. I bought a three ring binder with sheet protectors for her papers. In the front pocket of the binder I’ll fix up a paper for her to decorate how she likes. I’ll add her Kindergarten picture {or maybe first day and last day of school pictures??} Hmm. Maybe both! She’ll be able to look through her book throughout the year and show off her work without it ruining her papers or her little sister and brother tearing up her goodies. It’s easy to store and I’ll be able to look back on her binders through the years and know when she did what {opposed to throwing it all in a box in my shed}. I plan to do this each year and for each child.

We can include all sorts of goodies in her binder. Valentines from friends {because those also get thrown into File T-rash}, a picture of her teacher and classmates, Christmas wish-lists, funny things she says, lists of her favorites, etc. Basically it’s an easy scrapbook because I don’t have time for the fancy decorating but this still saves the highlights of each year, and more importantly, the papers she is so proud of.

Here’s to being more organized, Mommas!


4 thoughts on “How I Save my Kids’ Artwork

  1. I was overwhelmed with the amount of things and memories the kids brought back from school that i wanted to treasure. So i use this system: a scrapbook covering their year including pics, certificates, and other cute work, a “My Art” portfolio by Alex (it has dividers and they can be used up to middleschool), and a proper folder to hold their report cards. I know its a lot of work but i have no memories of my school years, i hope one day they will thank me. Good luck 💕


  2. Tried the binders and hated them because half of the stuff they make wouldn’t fit inside the sheet protectors. I also didn’t like taking the time to put everything in the binder. I now buy a plastic storage crate {like a milk crate} that you see with all the school supplies at the beginning of the school year for each girl. Throughout the school year I throw all their important papers, crafts, report cards, and anything else in their crate. So basically each girl has their own crate for each school year. Lots of crates and not as easy to look through and find a certain paper you are looking for, but works well for us. Good luck!


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