Why I’m Not Doing Easter Baskets

I’m boycotting Easter baskets this year and I don’t feel guilty. Instead, my kiddos are getting this wagon. Step2 Wagon For Two & Tag-Along Trailer™ - WillowWith three kids, the baskets always end up costing way more than I intend. Even if I plan to buy little $2-3 items, it just ends up costing a small fortune because I never stick to my plan and start shoving all the things in my cart. Not to mention, it all ends up in the trash within a couple of days if I just get the cheapo stuff. And if I get “bigger” toys that cost $10ish that adds up FAST with three.

I’ve done the necessities before…white church sandals and panties for the girls, wipes and new socks for Vance, with a little candy mixed in that they don’t even need. We always do egg hunts with churches and family and my pantry ends up packed down with more candy than I care to admit. And again, it ends up in the trash because candy overload for my kids equals terrible behavior for my kids. Plus I have zero self control and I’m trying to stop being an oiker. Do I sound like the meanest mom ever yet? 

So I decided on this wagon because 1) we need it in a bad way. I’m carrying a full load in the Radio Flyer. wagon2) I know it will get used and they will L.O.V.E. it. I already planned to buy it for Mila’s birthday but that’s not until May and we have a zoo trip planned before that and my three little monkeys need contained.

I originally planned to buy this train but it was quite a bit more expensive. And I’m also a little skeptical of how easy it will be to maneuver through crowds. Waylon is already three seconds away from punting eight year old kids who won’t let our little nuggets to the front of the gorilla cage window. So, add in that train and I’m not sure his sanity can take it. It has great reviews, but I wanted to save 50 bucks so I went with the wagon.

I may still stash a couple of goodies in the wagon for the kids to see on Easter morning {like a bottle of bubbles and sidewalk chalk} and call it a success.

Do you fill Easter baskets? What sort of goodies do you stuff them with? Maybe next year I’ll jump back into it but I’m pretty pleased with my decision this year to go with a big gift for The Big Three {ahhh This Is Us. Patiently waiting for season 2}.

Now for a little Easter throwback to last year!



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