Thursday Three {Social Media Edition}

Do your kids enjoy bizarre YouTube videos of “hands” playing with Play Doh or opening new toys that come in the form of an egg? Mother Goose Club on repeat, anyone? Maybe they’re like Mila and have been listening to Finger Family since Christmas Eve. Side note: we all need this coffee cup {or wine glass} amiright??Image result for mommy finger coffee cup

YouTube is equally the greatest thing ever and my biggest nightmare ever. Lately, it has been the greatest thing ever. Mila found this new channel and guys, I. Love. It.

Go subscribe to Family Fun Pack right now. They’re THE sweetest family. There are five kids {one daughter, one boy, set of boy twins, and toddler boy} and they make five kids look so easy {I know it’s not} but man. She’s mom goals for reals. I feel like I’m actually learning some parenting skills just by listening to Momma Kristine. Their twin boys went viral a few years ago for the cutest video and that’s how their channel came about. The kids are so polite and well mannered. She does 24 hour videos which is basically just a “day in the life” type of video and she shows them doing chores, eating meals, crafts, swimming, park, etc. Mila is obsessed with these kids so I’m just hoping that when she sees them doing chores she’s gonna be all like “Hey Mom I’d love to clean the toilet today!” Seriously, y’all, I find myself watching {and enjoying} these videos when my kids aren’t around. Introduce this family to your crew. You’ll love em. Image result for family fun pack

An Instagrammer I’m the most obsessed with is hands down Living with Landyn {thank you Kristin at Growing Up Gill for introducing me to her in one of your blogs a few months back}. Landyn shares everything fun–recipes, fashion, marriage {she’s been with her former NFL hubby since 8th grade!}, kids, Nashville living, home decor, a little hair and makeup and life tips. I can’t say enough positive things about this lady. She has the best Instastories on my feed. So down-to-earth, strong, beautiful and positive. Follow her! You won’t regret it.  Image result for landyn hutchinson

Another goodie on Insta is Mallory Ervin who also has a YouTube channel and you can subscribe to that here. Girl is gorgeous {she was Miss Kentucky a few years ago and has the most adorable accent ever}. She has an upcoming wedding and is dieting using the Weight Watchers program. I don’t follow this program, but she’s always sharing Instastories with DEEEEELICIOUS looking food {and she shares the point value for those of you WW peeps}. Aside from recipes, there’s fashion and life. Again, such a sweet girl. I’m not a fan of following showy people. If they’re not relatable, they ain’t my jam. She’s a good one, check her out. Image result for mallory ervin

Well folks, that’s some of my most favorites! I hope you check them out, enjoy and learn from them like I have been! Social media is full of junk junk junk but if you weed it out, there’s LOTS of goodies to be found!



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