Chillin’ at the Holiday Inn

We had a jam packed weekend that couldn’t have been more perfect. The kids were spread among the grandparents while we took a quick overnight stay in *drum roll please* Cape. We fancy. Ha, no but really, anything too far off is a no-go right now with Waylon keeping his nose in the nursing school books but we wanted {desperately freakin’ needed} a night away. Plus our oldest little diva had a birthday party on Sunday that I needed to prep for that morning. The best part of the weekend may have been when I walked through my front door and immediately noticed my parents did damage control on my disaster of a house. They cleaned it all and I could’ve cried happy tears. Ya know, if I did that sorta thing.Image result for you da real mvp

First things first…I’ll do a photo dump on ya. Then we’ll get to the important stuff like what I snagged while shopping.

Despite how it may look, we didn’t forget the middle kid at home. Mila stayed in the play place the entire time. Mostly bossing around boys twice her age and sticking her tongue out at us through the windows. #threenager

So here’s this little sweetie while she was out with Maw Maw, Paw Paw and Bella. I can’t even look at this picture with out smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’ll come as no shock to you that I don’t throw Pinterest inspired birthday parties. All the props to you moms who do because they are nothing short of amazing and love seeing your talent {I’m talking to you Melissa Shelton and Amy Walding}. I just…I’m kinda too lazy. I mean, I’ll {maybe} pay you to swoop in and give em a party worthy of a magazine…but I ain’t gonna do it. So, kids, sorry. Hopefully you don’t have lasting scars from me refusing to make little food labels to go with the finger foods that match your theme. You get cupcakes from the grocery store and coordinating plates to go with it.

Rewind to Saturday and our selfie game was strong. Like, so strong.You should see the outtakes. They look exactly like these.


You know what else was strong? My shopping game.

I was loving these sandals but ultimately went with these. Others that I wanted to sneak in my cart you can find here and here. You can’t get a great look at the little crochet/sheer number I had on at Bella’s party…and I cannot find it anywhere on Target’s site {it’s there somewhere, I just know it!} but do yourself a solid and go get one. It’s my new favorite piece of clothing. Oh, and I’m wearing a small {nothing on me is “small” so just a heads up that it runs a bit on the big side}.

I bought all three kids a pair of these {blue for Vance and pink for the girls}.


exact match

And if you’re anything like my husband, you’re not nearly as pumped about these bad boys as I am. But you know what I see when I look at these shoes?

  • no shoe laces
  • socks not needed
  • easy slip on for kids to do it themselves
  • easy to clean
  • good for the water
  • and the dirt
  • and to wear with anything

I may be going back for more colors.



3 thoughts on “Chillin’ at the Holiday Inn

  1. I’m not a big party mom either. We don’t tend to do parties at all. My line seems to be some cupcakes and presents with the family. I don’t go all out because it’s expensive and not really my thing. The kids are good with small birthdays too, so that works for me too.


      1. We have the six of us. We have a small thing typically with my aunt and uncle, but we’ve never made a big deal. Sometimes I wish we did. The best memories are made that way.


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