10 Tips for Looking Like You Have it Together on Sunday Morning

Some days everything is just good. Simply good. I posted about one of those days on my Instagram not too long ago. And it was true. We’d had such a nice, peaceful day of church and picnics and all the things just went so smoothly. The kids were happy; I was happy. It was an easy day.

The the very next Sunday it was 100% the opposite. Which reminded me of a snap I shared {kowens710 if you’re into that sorta thing} where I promised to share some secrets to getting three young kids out the door all in one piece on Sunday morning.

Now y’all know good and well I’m no expert and I want all of your tips, too, so just throw em at me. But these are things I’ve found help me tremendously when it’s time to wrestle three kids into decent clothes and make it to church with as few meltdowns as possible. My kids are {almost} five, {almost} three and Vance is somewhere between age one and two. He’ll be two in July so you do the math. I hope some of these can help you out if you’re riding on that Struggle Bus with me.Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, child, tree, stripes and outdoor

  1. Clean your house on Saturday night. Do the dishes. If you have dishes in your sink every other night of the week, fine, but don’t leave them there on Saturday night because your toddler will inevitably need the cup that is dirty or the bowl that is covered in oatmeal from Friday. Put away all the crap. The toys, dirty socks, shoes, coats, trash. All of it. Just put everything away because that’s less mess you have to search through when someone loses the shoe you handed them three seconds ago. Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. your house will be torn apart by little humans so make sure they’re working with a clean slate. Start fresh.                     
  2. Pick out all clothes {including your own}, tights, socks, shoes, hair bows, and coats the night before. Then stash them out of reach from grubby little fingers. Have a back-up plan for the kid who claims everything “feels funny” on her belly *cough cough* Bella. If you need to pack a diaper bag, have that ready to go, too. Throw it in the car the night before so it’s one less thing you have to remember to grab on your way out.
  3. Shower and fix your hair the night before. You seeing the theme here yet? Literally just get ready for Sunday morning church on Saturday night. Seriously though, I can fix my hair on Saturday, sleep on it, spruce it up a little and I’m good to go Sunday. I know not everyone has hair that works that way, so just shave your head. 
  4. Bathe kids on Sunday morning. For one, my kids’ hair looks a hot mess after they’ve slept on it. And two, it keeps them occupied and {mostly} happy while I’m applying my make-up. It also keeps them out of every drawer and closet in my house for a while {less mess equals less Mommy Dearest}. Keep wipes in your car for the times they find an old cheeseburger in their car seat and you need to clean ketchup from their face before gracing the church doors.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child
  5. Early bedtime on Saturday. I don’t let my kids stay up late on Saturday night. Because in my house, late bedtime does not equal late wake up time. They need sleep. I would rather them rise and shine at 6:30 a.m. with smiles on those chubby faces than hope for the best at 7 a.m. and end up with jerks.
  6. Don’t get anyone dressed until it’s almost time to leave. Now, with three kids this is tricky because you have to account for the youngest one fighting you with every sleeve and pant leg that goes on his little body. He’ll probably have a diaper rash and the cream will be in the other room. You won’t be able to get it because you’re covered in poo and you’re having to hold onto his ankles while he attempts to stand on his shoulders. So have fun convincing one of the other members of your household to fetch that for ya in a timely manner. He’ll have found the cat litter and might need another bath so keep that in mind. Your middle kid will need pockets in her tights even though that doesn’t exist and the oldest one suddenly hates the shoes she’s been wearing all season. So “almost time to leave” may actually be about 45 minutes before go-time. Plan accordingly, keeping in mind your kids’ specific needs and level of jerkiness.crib-pic
  7. Dress yourself last. In the beginning of motherhood, I did it differently. I’d get myself completely ready, then work on kid(s). Now I just make sure I have my clothes picked out and do get myself totally ready {hair and makeup} but don’t put the clothes on until it’s time to walk out the door. Less time for error. Less time for my kids to wipe snot or other bodily functions across my shoulder. And also, getting three kids bathed, clothed and chased through my house gets me HOT. When I get hot, all you-know-what breaks loose and I cannot deal with life. So minimal clothes, like a lightweight towel wrap  is usually what I’m running around in until minutes before I reach the car. Get ya one!

    Floral Body Wrap Multi-Colored - Xhilaration™
    exact // similar floral
  8. Don’t spend time cleaning. All the messes that are made, deal with after church. I’ve struggled with this in the past because I like to come home to a picked-up house. Ya know, get your house spotless before vacation so it’s clean when you’re back home, type of woman. That’s me. I always had those thoughts well what if so-and-so stopped by or there was an emergency and someone needs in my house? I don’t want them seeing it this way! Somewhere between kid two and three, I stopped caring. If they’re worried about it, I’ll gladly hand them a broom. So on Sunday mornings all bets are off. I’ll have the rest of the afternoon to deal. My only goal is to get out the door with as few tears as possible. All the Fruit Loops {or Fruity Hoops as we cheapos like to call them in my house} can stay on the floor. The baby powder on my couch. All the pots and pans in my kitchen floor. The laundry basket that’s been dumped in the hallway. The DVDs someone threw across the floor. The table full of Play-doh and accessories. The emptied cat food bowl and litter box. The spilled coffee. My makeup bag and curling iron. All of it will be there at noon when we get home and I ain’t messing with it til then.                   
  9. Something new! Sunday morning is a good time to introduce a new toy or game to keep kids busy and happy. Not the kind of game you have to sit down and participate in…ya know, like one on your iPad so you can iron clothes. Or put them in the dryer. Whichever kinda person you are. Ok, so confession: I don’t really buy kids toys or new things aside from Christmas and birthdays. But you know what I do? Stash some of their gifts in a closet and bring them out a little at a time when the new wears off from previous ones. Three kids. Birthdays in March, May, July and Christmas in December. Plus random holidays in between that grandmas are so good about sending goodies for. They don’t want for much so this system works well even when it’s not Sunday morning. I’m not sure it’s teaching them life lessons, but it’s keeping me sane{ish} on Sunday morning. It can be as simple as a new coloring book or little barbie doll.
  10. Get up earlier than your kids. This isn’t always possible because someone will inevitably wake up five minutes before your alarm goes off. But I do try to plan to get going a little earlier than the kids so I can drink a cup of coffee and chill before the masses demand milk and waffles and different TV shows every three minutes and longer baths and different clothes and no hair bows and more snacks and a sibling’s toy and my soul.                                                                    

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