Thursday Three

I have several things to share and I’m just going to throw them all into one big post. First off, my best friend Kristi got super fashionable and professional and opened up an online boutique. I mean, how adult is she? Head on over to her Facebook group Arrow Boutique Company to join and shop! She’s out of Jackson but ships if you can’t pick up. I can already tell I’m gonna go broke due to her new business venture…But check out this comfy and stylish tee I snagged.


It pretty much screams “Kendra” so I had to. I “had to” with a few other things too but since my husband reads this blog I won’t post them all. I’ll wear this once a week or more depending on how strong my laundry game is. Leggings. Cutoff shorts. A little faux leather jacket over it. So much cuteness.

Next up is the Hot Shot curling iron I finally bought. I’ve been tossing around the idea for a while and finally just bought it after watching Kristi curl her hair with it. Man, she really has it together these days. I’ve used a 1″ flat iron to curl my hair for years.. Like since I bought my first one when I was 18. But I decided to get with the times and I’m in love after one use. I’ve always felt like my hair never held curl with curling irons {ummm probably because I was using crappy ones} but this thing is uhh-maz-ing. I bought the 1 1/4″ iron and it’s perfect for my long hair. If you have medium length hair, you’ll probably want to go with the 1″.

Image result for hot shot curling iron

If you are a bride-to-be or just need/want a white dress I am LOVING this keyhole with ruffles.

exact from Vici

I would buy it for myself, but my kids will just smear ketchup and snot on it. So someone PLEASE go get this so I can look at you in it. How gorgeous would it be for a bridal shower?? Ahh. In. Love.

Lastly, I came across this swimsuit top from Old Navy (exact match) but that print is nine kinds of ugly. So if you find a top like this somewhere in a solid or non-fugly print, please send my way. product photo

Well that wraps up this random post. It was all over the place just like my brain. Image result for trump shrug gif


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