Gift Guide {For the Ladies}

If you’ve paid much attention to my ramblings and blogs, ya know how much I love a good list. I’ll list anything. Groceries, gifts bought, gift ideas for the future, to-do, meals to try, blogs to write, and on and on. Today it’s gonna be a fun gift giving list. So ladies, send this handy list right on over to the lover in your life for Valentine’s Day and thank me later.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while I’m not a huge fan of going all out for V-day, this list could be use for anything. Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or my personal fave–a surprise gift!

The gifts we really want:

  1. Day at the spa. Complete with manis, pedis, facials and massages. If you’re local check out Belladonna and Eden Spa in Cape Girardeau.
  2. A new bottle of wine that she wouldn’t spend the money on. Okay, so you all may not be as big a cheapskate as I am. But $5 for a bottle of wine is my limit. Splurge for Valentine’s Day and get her something she wouldn’t buy for herself.
  3. A clean house. You can send her away and do it yourself. Or you can hire someone to come in and spend the day tackling all that mess she has zero time for. Or just doesn’t want to do (ceiling fans, anyone??) But! Do give her notice. She’s gonna want to pick up her dirty laundry and get the dishes out of the sink before someone comes into her domain.
  4. Gift cards to the following: Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Vici {Ladies, if you haven’t checked this out go here now!}, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora or Amazon.
  5. If she’s a coffee drinker, a Keurig. Choose from a selection here.
  6. If she’s into fitness/gym pick up some of those supplements she’s been eyeing but not wanting to drop all the money on. 
  7. Purses {or wallet if yours looks like mine} and jewelry. Jessica Simpson and Kate Spade are my faves for purses! I’m in love with this necklace by Kendra Scott {and I mean her name is the best, duh}. I’m also loving this necklace and this purse is perfect for sliding into spring!
  8. Smelly good stuff. All of it–laundry detergent. I’m a major Diva lover. You can find it here or if you’re local, hit up Victorian Gift Shoppe in Malden. Perfume, lotion, Scentsy {click here}…the possibilities are endless.
  9. Don’t have much money to spend? Write her a letter. Not an “I love you!” at the bottom of a card. But an actual letter. Handwritten and personal. Bonus if you cook dinner.
  10. Plan something, especially if you’re not the one who typically does the planning. Make the reservations. Handle the childcare. Book the room. Order the tickets. Only expect her to show up. And show out.

So, men, I don’t wanna hear “I didn’t know what to get her!” Nope. Pick from the list if you don’t want your lady going to bed like 



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