Thursday Three

Happy December!! You probably fall into one of two categories: 1. You’re super peppy and excited about Christmas and all things festive or 2. You’re stressed, hate Christmas music, avoiding the shopping malls and are ready for it to all be over. I’m Number One and have no shame. My emoji has a Santa hat so, there ya have it. My list of Christmassy activities is long and lovely and it kicks off this weekend. I’ll just hop right into my Three!

  • In case you missed my Insta Story yesterday, I’ve added a new tab/page dedicated to my makeup bag. Y’all know I struggle there so I’ve been trying out new things all the time!! And ya know, it’s kinda fun! So I’ll keep you updated on what I buy on my Makeup Bag page and everything will be clickable links so you can buy it too, if you love it! It’s a work in progress, but I’ll try to update and add more to it as I get time. You can find the tab at the top of my page but just let me know if you have any questions! P.S. I share a lot of ridiculousness on my IG that never makes it to the blog so if you’re not following me, and you’re a Hot Mess Mom {or just a Hot Mess} like me GO HERE to find me. Today I shared how I hate the Elf on a Shelf and how I’ve had the same red bowl sitting in my sink for a week, so that’s fun and I can feel my mom doing this from a town a way right now {she loves me anyway} 🙂

  • If I’m being completely honest, there are multiple things I’m loving in this picture. The coffee {hallelujarrrrr}, my new tablecloth {it’s red, not orange like the picture portrays} and of course my rustic centerpiece I scored at Kohl’s on Black Friday! But what I wanted to share is the wrap bracelet I’m wearing.braceletThis was a Christmas gift {maybe birthday??} and it’s one of my favorites. You can find similar bracelets herehere and here.


  • Christmas Movies–BRING THEM ON! I’m ready to dive head first into my favorites for the next month. I don’t watch much TV. I’m too antsy to sit still and I always fall asleep watching movies {I get more *basic white girl* every day} but I’m determined to make Waylon sit through Home Alone {1 aaaaand 2}, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story over the next few weeks. If I can fit in some others like Elf or Santa Clause, that’ll be a bonus. I’m planning a popcorn and Christmas Movie Night with Bella and I.Can’t.Wait. She’s at that perfect age where Christmastime is so very magical and I intend to take full advantage!



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