Holiday Hangover

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve posted but it’s been less than a week. Still here, guys! I had four days to commit to my family and that’s exactly what I did. I limited the time I spent throwing up pictures on Instagram and Snap and rarely scrolled through my Facebook feed. How refreshing!

So how did I spend my time? Mostly eating. But in between meals I managed to get my house decorated  {I even helped Waylon with the outside! See him hard at work!}, shopped Black Friday {deets below}, cooked, a couple of gym sessions {I’m not sure how beneficial they were. Eek!}, played baby dolls {How precious is she??}, spent time with friends and family and lots and lots of laughs!

I was actually looking forward to Monday rolling around. I live by routine so it was a welcomed Monday morning, rain and all. I jumped back into my 5 a.m. gym time and I’m pretty sure I needed another hour dedicated to nothing but cardio after all the sweet potatoes I ate. Oink oink.

Black Friday was a success, but lets be real, it always is. I don’t go after major door busters or wait in line at midnight. I like to hit the stores about 5 a.m. after the crowds move out and shop my little heart out. I’m a major online shopper the rest of the year, but Black Friday is my time. I. Love. Christmas. So many things I’m loving!

I was on a major throw pillow binge. It was the running joke by the end of the day. But who doesn’t love a festive pillow??

St. Nicholas Square® Snowflake Tufted Throw Pillow
St. Nicholas Square® ''Joy to the World'' Throw Pillow


I’m also loving thisthis, and this.

I snagged this for myself and I must say, it’s much cuter in my closet than it is on this model.


exact // similar

Also scored some 50% off mid-rise jeans from Old Navy. I loved them so much I bought a pair in two shades {you KNOW I mean business when I do that!} If you’re looking for some black skinnies click here and fall in love. I would’ve snagged these but I already have a pair of black skinnies and I’m nothing if not a smart shopper.


Found this for Waylon–

Men's Apt. 9® Modern-Fit Quilted Mixed Media Puffer Jacket

Ya know, I’m going to be completely honest…I’m not sure if that’s the one I ended up getting him. But it’s pretty close so just go with it. I also bought him these and if you’re looking for boots for the man in your life CHECK.THEM.OUT. I love them so much and they’re on major sale.

The kids racked up on the usual clothes and shoes. All of which are perfect but I have things to do and Fitbit steps to track so I’m gonna have to wrap this up.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! We have a busy busy December on the books and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you! Xx.



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