Thursday Three

I’m not sure if it was the Super Moon or the weather but my kids started this week off caaaaarazzzzzaaaaayyyy. Fighting, whining, arguing, waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, you name it. When they’re crazy, I’m crazy. And lets be honest, I’m crazy enough on my own without their help. But praise the Lord this has passed and the last two days have been blissful. Well maybe not blissful but they’re happy and playing and I have all the smiles. Needless to say, my Thursday blog is a day late but here’s three things I’m loving—–

Pizza Casserole

1 lb Lean Ground Beef or Italian Sausage (I’ve used both but prefer beef)
Pasta (I’ve used Bowtie Noodles, Penne, Egg Noodles and Rotini)
Pasta Sauce
Package of Pepperoni
Parmesan Cheese
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Ground Black Pepper

Brown meat and season with oregano and pepper. Boil pasta. Drain pasta and meat. Layer in slow cooker: meat, pasta sauce, pasta, both cheeses, pasta sauce, pepperonis, both cheeses. Cook on low for about three hours.

I’ve made different versions of this casserole. I’ve added ham, mushrooms, bacon, etc. Any pizza toppings you like can easily be added or substituted. We’re major pizza fans and this is a yummy alternative. I’ve also layered it all in a casserole dish and baked for 15-20 minutes at 350° instead of the slow cooker. I’m just on a major crock-pot kick right now because #fall, duh.

Decorating for Christmas

This is a process right now. I had to buy a new tree this year and decided to just go ahead and put it up. Basically because the box is huge and it was in my living room floor. It seemed pointless to have it moved to the attic or shed only to bring it back out next week. So Monday during nap time I threw that thang up but it still has a lot of work to be done. It’s up though, along with my Thanksgiving decorations. So there’s pumpkins on my porch and end tables and a Christmas tree in my living room. I figure it’s Southeast Missouri, if we can have four seasons all in one day, having two holidays in my house at once should be right up our Redneck Alley.


I’m back in the Fitbit world!  I had the Charge HR for less than a year and it kept crapping on me. They sent me a new one, for free. And it was crap. So I never replaced it and have just gone without for a few months. Truth: I hate cardio. The only reason I do what little I do is because I have to. I would much rather lift weights any day of the week than step on a treadmill. Running outside isn’t as bad…but I still don’t like it. I legit don’t understand how runners’ brains are wired. Like, I bet y’all like Nickleback too, don’t you? I have several friends who LOVE it. They’re marathoning all over the place and I’m just like 

So a Fitbit really keeps me on target to make sure I’m not completely slacking (when my goals are to lose some weight). That’s not always my goal but we’ve already discussed my two months of binging, so yeah…I need to drop a few L-Beez. Click here to get ya one! If you wanna Fitbit-friend-me, my email is

Also guys!! Amazon is running a major special for TODAY ONLY. Sign up for Prime for $79 a year (regular price is $99)! Go. Sign. Up.  And thank me later! Happy Friday! Xx.


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