What’s in my Super Expensive Sephora Bag

If you haven’t read What’s in my Super Cheap Make-Up Bag go there now for some insight into how bad I suck at makeup. Then proceed with caution.

Most bloggers are typing away with loads of advice for their readers. Tips on fashion, makeup, fitness, parenting, relationships, etc. I’m basically the opposite. A reverse blogger, if you will. I whine about how I need help & y’all help! If you leave my blogs with a new idea, great. But I’m mostly just here to make you laugh and give you a dose of my reality. When I shared what makeup I use, you guys gave me tons of feedback and I loved it all.

All that being said, I went to Sephora this weekend. I left with a small bag and a large debit.

Here’s what I came home with:

  • Kat Von D Powder Foundation
  • Make Up For Ever Mat Vel+ Foundation
  • Better Than Sex Mascara
  • The Pore Fessional Balm
  • Beauty Blender Sponge
  • Nars Lip Gloss (shade: Baby Doll)–Free with purchase of the mascara I bought
  • Smashbox Foundation Primer–Free because of the reward points I had because I bought so much stuff

You’re probably wondering why I bought two foundations. Valid question. The answer is simple: I’m an idiot.

My conversation with Cute Sephora Girl went something like this…

Me: I’m looking for a foundation that is going to make my face look like porcelain, full coverage but not thick and heavy or greasy and cakey. My pores feel huge and I’m getting wrinkles. What do I need? Right now I use a liquid powder.

Her: (clearly already over me) Ok, I don’t know what you mean by ‘liquid powder’??

Me: Just forget that part, tell me what to buy.

Her: takes me to Make Up For Ever section. We find the right shade, blah blah. Then she’s all like you need a setter and I’m all like well I haven’t played volleyball in years. 

She shows me these makeup setters she speaks of and I ask her if I can find this at Wal-Mart because $50 for white powder that’s not cocaine seems a bit unreasonable.

Her: (clearly completely over me) I don’t know… (because obviously if you work at Sephora ya ain’t buying Covergirl.

Me: ok, well I’ll just take this setter and look around, thanks so much for your help! *sets setter down on the wrong shelf and buys two foundations instead*

The main thing I wanted to accomplish in buying this makeup was having a smoother complexion. I don’t have acne, but my complexion still isn’t smooth. I’m vowing to take better care of my skin because I’m certain that’s key. But I’m hoping this high dollar makeup will help also. I wasn’t sure which foundation I would like, so I bought them both. Unfortunately I bought a shade too dark in the Kat Von D so I’ll be stepping up my fake tanner game. But I love both of the ones I bought. A lot.

Multiple people recommended it, but I’m still not sold on this mascara, y’all. But, the tube is TO DIE FOR. Good job Too Faced design team. Or whatever team created this because I LOVE. I feel like it’s super clumpy, leaving me with tarantula eyes and I also thought I got a janky tube because it’s crooked. Whyyyy is it crooked guys? I don’t understand and I can’t figure out which way I’m supposed to be turning the brush. Also, I get it all over my face. It takes about 3 Q-tips to clean up my mess. This can’t be normal. It’s about $20 more expensive than what I typically use so I’ll finish every last drop. If it grows on me, I’ll buy more. If not, back to Wal-Mart I go.


I can’t tell if the Pore Fessional balm makes any difference. Meh… It was $10 and I don’t know that I’ll buy it again. Y’all know of any tricks or products that shrink pores?

I love love love the primer. I have no clue if it’s helping a single thing but it feels SO good. Like I wanna prime my whole body in it because it’s so soft. I have nothing to compare this to because I’ve legit never used primer. Whoopsy. It’s a keeper.


I also love love love the Nars lip gloss. I’ve been crushing on this shade for a while and created my own with a mixture of a couple different lip sticks I have {I can’t be the only girl who does this, right?}. This gloss is gorgeous and feels nice too.


Overall, I mark it down in my books as a success. I’ll continue getting foundation there FOR SURE. The next trip I make, I want to get eye liner. So just go ahead and send me those recommendations now. Please and thanks.


2 thoughts on “What’s in my Super Expensive Sephora Bag

  1. I’m not one to comment on the fb so I thought I’d add my (hopefully) useful two cents. As a girl who has tried everythingggggg and a sucker for anyone who looks pretty trying to sell me something, I’ve learned and tried lots of products.

    The smashbox is great, don’t get me wrong, you should give Elf a try – their primer is really great and cheap, so it’s a win-win! Also, just an FYI one thing I LOVE about Sephora is they have an amazing return policy. So, if you are wanting to depend on the tan coming in you can exchange the Kat Von D for a lighter shade or just return it, same with the mascara. I have tried soooo many of their mascaras. I’m partial to Marc Jacobs, actually worth the price in my opinion, but honestly when it’s empty I’ll be going back to Maybelline Lash Sensation for half the price with the same volume.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on but I’ll stop there. Hopefully that’s helpful 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the tips!! I’ll definitely try the ELF primer because I’m a huge fan of ELF products. I’m all about some Maybelline mascara, too. If my kid hadn’t knocked the Kat Von D in my floor (and broke it!!) already, I would totally exchange it. Right now I’m using it as sort of a bronzer over my other foundation. Haha. I do things sooo wrong.


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