Thursday Three

Halloween is over and I’m the cliché. I’m the people you hate.

The Christmas music-blaring, ugly sweater wearing, coffee only out of snowmen mugs drinking, Christmas movie marathon lover that memes are made of.

I. Love. Christmas.

Stop hating that I’m skipping Thanksgiving. I’m not. I can eat my turkey and sweet potato pie, thank the good Lord for my wild kids all while wearing Santa on my booties. So, bye.

Booties, for her, home slippers, warm accessories, stocking stuffers, Christmas gift, yarn shoes, women slippers, cozy warm, winter warm

Here’s my reasoning: There is not enough time between Thanksgiving and Christmas for me to fully celebrate Christmas to the extent I would like. One month, people. One month is simply not enough time for me to listen to All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey on repeat. So if you want to be a Scrooge and hate my jolly attitude you just go right ahead.

Top of my list for Thursday Three:

  1. Christmas Clothes. Step one in Christmas prep is kids clothes. Well, it’s actually Christmas shopping and that’s finished {don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me}. So step two is kids clothes and it’s important for me to do this sooner rather than later because they sell out quiiiiiiick on the websites I use. One of my favorite things about the holidays is forcing my kids to match while they’re still young enough to not fight me on it. I went to my tried and true Sparkle in Pink and there was still plenty to choose from. Buuuut nothing I was dying over. Someone told me about Pout in Pink so I checked it out. And fell in love. This dress is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever bought for the girls. Ever. It’s vintage, old country Christmas and I am obsessed. Tip: when ordering from these sites, go up  a size.


exact / similar

For my little man I went to Children’s Place and found this sweater. After my $5 in rewards and free shipping, it was less than $9.




2. Boy Shoes.  The girls have always had twelve million shoes. It’s fun, but honestly, sort of overwhelming. Keeping up with them, finding the matches when it’s time to sell or donate, etc etc. I’m loving that Vance can have 2-3 pairs of shoes in his closet and it works great. Dressier shoes, tennis shoes and boots {which I still need to buy}. My mom bought him a bunch of shoes from a friend not long ago. Loved them all then he outgrew every pair in about a month. Blaaaah. So I found these that can be casual or dressy. LoveLove.



3. Slow Cooker Liners & Inventing Recipes. I guess this is technically two more things, whatevs. My crock-pot has been getting a LOT of use the past six weeks or so. I’ll share some of favorite recipes soon. I’ve got Pulled Pork Chili on the menu for tonight. Find the recipe I pinned here. I was going to use it until I realized I don’t have most of those ingredients and I only do grocery stores on Sunday unless there’s an emergency. Like milk for kids or chocolate for me. My ingredients ended up looking like this

Garlic, chili powder (two different ones), onion, paprika, jalapeno peppers, black beans, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes with green chilies, cumin and chicken broth


Boston Butt, not pictured.

Full disclosure: I don’t really measure when I’m cooking. It’s not because I’m a good cook. It’s because I’m a lazy cook. Now, if I’m baking a cake or making something more complicated for Thanksgiving dinner, I measure. But for the crock-pot…nah. Here’s the rundown:

Onion-very little. I sliced off about an inch then chopped it up. Waylon’s not big on onions so I take it easy when cooking with them.

Garlic- a couple of teaspoons. And not like the kind you measure with. I used my actual spoon to scoop it out. Are you questioning my cooking abilities yet? You should be.

All powdered seasonings- a few dashes.

Black beans-drain and rinse.

Jalapenos-just a little. I was actually scooping some in when I realized there are green chilies already in the pot, so I didn’t want to create too much heat.

The meat-filled the bottom of my crock-pot, packed fairly tight.

After adding everything, I filled the Rotel can twice with water and covered the food with it then mixed it all up. Cook on low for 6 hours.

Do yourself a favor and buy ya some of these if you haven’t already. My mother-in-law put them in my stocking a few Christmases ago and I’ve ♥♥♥ them since. Saves time {which I have little of} and dishes {which I hate}. When you’re using your slow cooker days in a row, scrubbing it clean becomes annoying and time consuming. Besides, have you ever scrubbed dried/burnt cheese from the side of a pot? Not.Fun. That thing could soak for seven days and seven nights and still make me question my sanity. Which is already questionable. Plus the pot takes up way too much room while it’s soaking. I have like 799 dishes a day and no room for that thing to be using up all my sink space. With a liner, you can just pull it out, trash it and start from scratch the next day.


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