A Very Disney Halloween

I love celebrating all holidays. I plan {matching} outfits and get-togethers for almost all of them months in advance. Now that I have a houseful of kiddos, it’s that much more magical. It’s like reliving the magic of my childhood, seeing the excitement on my kids’ faces. Halloween has become a bit more special to me as an adult than it even was as a child. I met Waylon just a couple of weeks before Halloween in 2008 so some of our first few dates were revolved around Halloween festivities…Haunted houses, costume parties. I was right smack in the middle of a terrible time in my life and meeting this man put me on the track to a family I always dreamed of {even the chaos}. Every Halloween is like a mini celebration in my heart for the life we are building together.

Our first ever Halloween party together 🙂

I was Spongebob, because that’s hott, and I never was sure who he was…even though he told me multiple times. That’s sort of how we operate. Here’s a couple more of our costumes from years past…

We still always dress up… We’ve done Batman & Batwoman, Edward Scissorhands and so on. This year I kept it #BasicWhiteGirl because I didn’t want to splurge on costumes. It was the first year I didn’t plan on dressing up but at the very last minute I pulled out the cat ears from our Halloween tub and slapped on some make-up.


Pretty sure I do costume make-up better than regular-every-day make-up.

We started the night with a Halloween parade in Malden then back to Bernie for Trick or Treating. Last year my kids were The Cat, The Mouse and The Cheese {see picture here}. This year we went all Disney with characters from The Little Mermaid.

Bella (Ariel), Mila (Flounder) and Vance (Prince Eric)

Are they not THE CUTEST??? Ahh I just love this picture so much. Here’s a few more from our night {in case ya didn’t get enough of them on my social media ;)}

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. I’m trying to avoid this candy like the plague. Meanwhile these kids are like


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