Thursday Three

Amazon Prime/Subscribe & SaveWe are Prime members which means we pay $99 a year for television shows, access to movie rentals (new releases and movies still in theaters), free two-day shipping on items (that are typically priced cheaper than in stores), and access to the Subscribe & Save program.

I make my $99 back in shipping charges alone and fast. Between birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day and Christmas, a lot of my orders are placed online. I’m no math lady, but I’d say 80% of the gifts I buy throughout the year are Amazon Prime (next year I have a goal to buy so much more through direct sales, but that’s another blog for another day). Plus the random purchases we make throughout the year…protein powder and bars, pre-workout mix, new bed sheets, items for the kids…I get my money’s worth just from placing online orders alone and paying zero dollars for shipping.

Why the TV is important: we don’t have cable, Dish Network or Direct TV. We subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access and Amazon. Those subscriptions combined are cheaper than the most affordable cable package you can find and we actually have shows to watch. Not 67 cooking channels and old ladies trying to sell me jewelry.

Why the Subscribe & Save is important: if I go to Wal-Mart or wherever to grab a box of diapers, you can bet I’m going to come out with diapers (maybe) and $100 worth of nothing. Problem number 2: it’s tough finding time to run errands like that. I work at home. Once the daycare kids have left, it’s a three ring circus to accomplish dinner, baths, bedtime and somehow fit in some one-on-one time with the kids. I started Subscribe & Save when Waylon was working a 12 hour swing shift. I was about as close to being a single mom as you can get and had no time for anything. Nor was I hauling an infant, one year old and three year old in the store on a regular basis. If you do, more power to ya but I’d rather get a root canal. By the time the kids are in bed, the LAST thing I want to do is run to the store for toilet paper and tampons. And I always forget something. With S&S I can select what household items I want shipped to me regularly, choose how often I receive them (monthly, bi-monthly, every six months, and so on), use the app (or computer) to check when my items will arrive, delete items I may not need after all, add items that I realized last minute I do need, etc.. Plus free shipping! It’s SO SUPER convenient and I 100% recommend it to any busy mom. And what mom isn’t busy?? Things I subscribe to: diapers, wipes, toothpaste and brushes, toilet paper, trash bags, tampons, baby wash & shampoo, laundry detergent and so many more things! AND! You get the items at a discount when you “Subscribe & Save” them. For the number of items I’m subscribed to, I receive a 15% discount. You guys, that’s huge!

Prime Pantry is another option. I’ve been playing around with this idea but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m sure one day I will and I’ll let ya know what I think. It includes food (I would use it for all the kid friendly snacks), personal care items (like razors), and other things like that. You fill your box with the items you need (it tells you how full it is as you go along) and it ships for one flat rate (I think $5 but don’t quote me on that). But wait there’s more! If you choose five of their “select” items you get free shipping!

Ah, ok, done.

Sorry I know that was super wordy but I wanted to describe this the best I could. Go here for a free trial of Amazon Prime. And now I’ll move on!

ASOS Sweater with Star Elbow Patch you can find here for $24.50.

Ok, I know I’ve been talking about these jeans I ordered for like two weeks now. Here’s how the timeline of events went down. 1. Ordered the jeans. Loved them and told you about them in Mission: New Closet. 2. The jeans came in and were so tight. You can view the video of that struggle on my Mom & Stuff Facebook page. 3. I finally decided to return them and reorder. And in true Kendra fashion, not only did I reorder them, I bought a new $24 shirt because for three more dollars they’d ship it free. Duh! I couldn’t really justify that so I found an online code and knocked off another almost 9 bucks. $9 + free shipping = almost free shirt. You do the math. I can dress this shirt up or down but let’s be honest, it’ll mostly be down. Also loving these


Marked down to $27 from $81! find here

Aaaaaand this



Dino Nugs: If you don’t feed your kids chicken nuggies at least once a week I’m probably not the kind of mom you wanna be friends with. That being said, I’ve tried many different brands from different stores. You wouldn’t think there would be that much difference. Oh, but there is! These. These are the best. 

Image result for tyson dinosaur chicken nuggets

Not only do the kids LOVE that they’re shaped like dinosaurs (that’s really just a bonus), they’re delicious. Like, I’d feed them to my husband with mac n cheese and he’d be happy about it. A ton of them come in the bag and each nug is a pretty good size…so if you’re not feeding a small army plus a daycare, they’ll last a while! Getyasum.

Image result for chicken nugget gif



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