Why Kids’ Shoes are THE WORST

Top of the list of Things I Hate About Being in Charge of Three Lives is shoes. I hate them for so many reason. So.Many.Reasons. Here’s five.

  1. No one, including the other parent, can ever find them. I mean where do they go? Every single kid in this house has a basket in their closet for their shoes. AND a basket in the daycare for the shoes to live. Not on your feet? Put.Them.In.The.Basket. Simple concept.
  2. They never fit right. It’s getting cold out which means shoes with socks are a must. Normal, right? Except my four year old has been wearing sandals all summer so now she acts like I’m chopping off her feet when I make her put on socks. Why so much hate for socks? I don’t get it. This is the same kid who has woke me up at 3 a.m. on more than one occasion because she wanted socks on. Nowwwww she suddenly hates them? Shoes that are her size hurt her feet. Shoes that are too big won’t stay on. Jesus fix it.
  3. The kids outgrow shoes more often than I wash my hair. But seriously. I hate buying shoes. You know why? Because if I get cheap ones then they’re impossible to get on the kids’ feet. They’ll be stomping while I’m tugging and maneuvering the back of the shoe, breaking a sweat and cussing, trying to get the dang thang on. But if I pay an arm and a leg, you best believe they’ll outgrow them two days later.
  4. The shoes are always taken off in the car so I have to repeat the rigorous process of getting them back on before we go in the store. Just kidding, I don’t take my kids to the store. Before we go in church or somewhere.
  5. Mila wants to wear everyone’s shoes. Totally fine when it’s mine, her dad’s or Bella’s. Except for the fact that she never puts them back. See Number 1 above. But what’s worse is when she wants to wear her little brother’s shoes and cannot be convinced they’re too small. You wanna see a kid get angry? Watch Mila trying to force a size 5 Nike on her pudgy little foot and it’s like something from The Exorcist. 

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