Weekend Wrap-Up

We’ve had such a busy weekend but so much fun was had! Our weekend kicked off a few hours early for Waylon’s Family Day at nursing school on Friday. I got all the kids cleaned up and in presentable clothes, napped and fed, hair looking nice. We had a peaceful little 45 minute car ride, complete with one kid who cried the entire way. To make things better, he continued to cry at the sight of every nursing instructor and student in the building. Fun.Times! Situations like that used to bother me. Like really bother me. I worried what everyone thought.

Ugh this chick dresses weird….aaaaaand is a bad mom. Her whiny kids. She must have no control over them. They’re bad. They’re spoiled. They need a butt whooping. {According to the memes and unsolicited advice I see posted on social media, I’m convinced some people believe that a good ole whipping is the solution to everything…everything} Hint: it’s not.

Now that I’m three kids deep, I’m just like whatevs. I know I’m a good mom {most days} and I know my kids are gonna cry at the very moment I most hope they won’t. And they get their butts whooped when appropriate. So if I can be someone else’s birth control while touring college, I’ve done my civic duty for the day. Stay in nursing school, kids.

These two enjoyed the afternoon at TRCC despite the panic that overtook their brother.

After the three little ducklings went to bed Friday night we watched The Conjuring 2 which was terrifying. Decent choice if you’re looking for a new release good horror movie to celebrate Halloween that’s just around the corner. I’m still partial to the oldies, though. Nothing beats an old Halloween or Scream movie. Nothing.

Saturday was the big day. The day we “went to he farm to see the cows” according to Mila. If you’re in the SEMO area, chances are you’ve already heard of Beggs Family Farm and have mostly likely visited. If you haven’t gone, go! It’s $11 per person so if you have a large family it’s pricey but we spent over three hours there with all three small kids and a big part of my extended family. I won’t share all the pictures because there are A LOT. But because they’re so cute…

There was a time when I would fight my kids for the perfect group family picture. I wanted all three kids and husband to look, smile and appear to be the The Brady Bunch circa 2010s. As time passes, I truly love our real-life group family pictures so much more than an overly posed pictures. I guess that’s a good thing because it is impossible to get three small kids to cooperate at the same split second.

Take the pictures.

Love the gritty that comes with your circus.

It’s real life, folks.

Bella is mad because the sun is in here eyes. Vance & Mila are contemplating our demise. The parents are smiling through it because that’s what we do.

The fun didn’t end there and I’ve never laughed as hard as I did playing LOLZ. My mom bought this game and we played with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. You can buy the game here. Or also find a different version here. You guys, I was in tears watching my dad… and the video we recorded isn’t even the best that happened. The object of the game is to get your teammates to figure out what you’re saying while wearing this mouthpiece. Fair warning: you’ll slobber like a six month old baby.

Important fashion {I use that term lightly} for the weekend. If you saw my Insta post Saturday morning, you saw this shirt and how much my kids love it. Anything with animals on it, they obsess over the entire time I’m wearing it. Another favorite from here. But I bought at the outlet in Tunica this summer so no clue if it’s available online or in stores now.

Basically, we just love animals. Shirts like these are talking points with my kids all day long. What the animal is, what it says, where it lives, its colors and on and on. I’m not going to wear a Dora shirt, so random animals it is!

Yes, I’m posing in front of my shower curtain. That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry. Deal wittit.

The cutest of the weekend was these two–bellaandmila

Mila’s is hand-me-down last season from here. So it’s probably not available any more. But I can’t wait to check out their Christmas selection!

Happy Sunday–Xx


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