Thursday Three

Ahhh, Thursday. The weekend is just around the corner. My kids started off the week snotty and whiney but it’s clearing up and they’re feeling better. Just in time for the weekend! Yay! I don’t know how I manage to avoid all the junk and snot that goes through my house but so glad I do!

And here’s my Thursday Three:

  1. Halloweeeeeen Prep & Festivities. We have Begg’s Farm on the agenda for Saturday morning and I’m already pumped to see how much Bella and Mila will love it. Vance will be a first timer so we’ll see what he thinks about all the animals. Every vacation-big or small-includes some sort of animal excursion and it’s definitely the highlight of the trip for Bella & Mila. I’ve been piecing together their Halloween costumes for quite some time. I’ll share that fun come Halloween 😉 But here’s a look at last year’s ensemble. The Cat, The Mouse & The Cheese.
    Halloween 2015

    Bella absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED dressing up like a cat last year. So much so that she asked to be it again this year. I shot that down because that’s what you get to do when you’re Mom.

  2. My new jeans! I have two new pair from here. I already told you about one pair I ordered in Mission: New Closet.  I was unsure about pair number 2 but I’m a fan! They’re still pretty stiff so I’m hoping to wash em hard so they’ll relax a tad. Like, could you just feel like leggings? That’d be great.
    Orginally $68 and on sale for $24!! I mean it just doesn’t get better.


    I’m still undecided about the first pair I told you about. See the issues I have with those here. So update on my terrible wardrobe: Black skinnies, two pair of jeans (well three but I don’t like the pair hanging in my closet), a few random leggings that are iffy at best, and still on the hunt for a really good pair of black ones. I’m eventually going to bite the bullet and shop Lululululululeshmogrtlejh whatever it’s called. First I have to figure out how to pronounce it.

  3. 100 Calorie Candy Bars. Y’all, it is genius and don’t even try to fight me on this. Some of you ladies have said to me Just keep a Hershey Bar handy. Break off one block each day to satisfy your sweet tooth and then leave the rest in your pantry.
    But how?

    You could quite literally put seven Hershey Bars in front of me and I would quite literally eat of them like a reckless toddler. No regraaaats. So go buy you one of these and be happy that it’s only 100 calories compared to almost 300 that’s in a regular candy bar.

    Sidenote: I don’t buy the box, just the impulse buys at the cash register! Because I’d eat the whole box in one day. #fatty

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