Thursday Three

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet today but y’all know me, I get carried away. I’m going to share three things I’m loving every Thursday. Starting today. So let’s get started!

  1. This eyebrow pencil. And for only 7 bucks and some change! Go here to see how I’m not a huge spender on make-up {although I still plan to make improvements!}. The pencil I’ve been using finally ran out so I Amazon Primed a new one. It has a great angled shape (opposed to my old crappy round one), the color is perfect, and it blends together so well. There’s a brush on the opposite end of the pencil which makes it a bit easier because now I don’t have to dig out my separate brush. I like easy. I’m not a make-up pro at all. So these are simple to use, and really all I need. My brows just need filled in a few places so these pencils are perfect for shaping them up a bit.
  2. Chicago Med. My husband is in nursing school and apparently the cool thing there is Chicago Med. I tried to sway him to Grey’s Anatomy but I had no luck. Men. We’ve never watched a medical show. We’re more into shows like Shameless and The Ranch. But, guys, this show is so good! I have no idea if it’s accurate, medically speaking, so if you’re a doctor don’t bust my bubble. We don’t have Dish, Direct TV or cable. We stream everything so Hulu is where it’s at for this show. I’m so bummed we missed the first season! 😦 And we couldn’t find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime so if you guys ever come across it, we wanna know! The sister from Pretty Little Liars is one of the doctors and I’m still stunned at how gorgeous she is. The doctor on the far right ain’t too bad lookin’ either. chicago-med
  3. Creamy Spinach & Tomato Tortellini and you can find the recipe here. I added grilled chicken to the recipe because protein, duh. Ok, well actually my husband did and I know he’ll call me out on in it if I don’t give him props. The only other substitute I made to this recipe is instead of regular diced tomatoes, I used the Rotel kind for more flavor. I live for spice in my food and almost always use this in exchange for just a regular ole can of petite diced tomatoes. YUM. I felt so domesticated {JUST CALL ME MARTHA!} because I legit never use this many ingredients, ever. It called for flour and everything, guys. Which may have been expired but we didn’t die so it was totally worth it.  tortellini

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