Mission: New Closet

I’m on a mission to update my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I know I sound like a broken record but I was pregnant SO much the past several years and lived in maternity clothes. I had my youngest July 29th last year and between I’m lazy and the holidays, I stayed chubby until Spring. I mean, I’m no Skinny Minny now but those last ten to fifteen pounds make a huge difference in how a pair of jeans fit, ammirite? Another obstacle I always face this time of year is being a Work-at-Home-Mom. While I don’t want to dress up in heeled boots and lots of jewelry every day, I still don’t want to look like a frump in jogging pants and 25th Anniversary t-shirts from my old office job .

Obviously the first step to Mission: New Closet is Pinterest. Because duh. I don’t want, nor can I afford, a huge closet. My goal is to have several staple pieces and mix and match them. I’m not in terrible condition where shirts are concerned but I could use (can’t we always?) a few more. My biggest obstacle is pants. I hate jeans, I just hate them. And that’s probably because I’m not willing to pay the big bucks for a good quality pair. We can all agree leggings are pants, right? Okay I thought so, so stop being life ruiners you anti-leggings women. I already have one pair of dark blue leggings that I love. My black ones are cheap and suck. Where are you women getting yours? A particular brand you love?

I’m so glad the mid and high rise jeans are a thing again because they fit my body type waaaaaay better than the low rise ones. By body type, I mean love handles. So I went over to one my favorite places to shop online and bought these


On clearance!

I’ve NEVER bought jeans online but I have bought from this site multiple times and they never disappoint. If they can make a swim suit top to please me, surely the jeans will, too. Plus it’s free returns so I’ll just shove them back in mail box if they’re a no-go.

I have a huge collection of scarves so I’m probably good there but that leads me to my next problem. Do you guys feel like your hair doesn’t lay right with these big ole bulky scarves? My boobs already push these scarves up high enough to keep my nose warm so I’m all like


and there’s nowhere for my hair to go so it’s basically like frizzy-hair

So I’ll try to put it in a cute bun which results in


Happy Tuesday, folks!



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