Thursday Three

If you don’t feed your kids chicken nuggies at least once a week I’m probably not the kind of mom you wanna be friends with. That being said, … More Thursday Three


Weekend Wrap-Up

We’ve had such a busy weekend but so much fun was had! Our weekend kicked off a few hours early for Waylon’s Family Day at nursing school on Friday. I got all the kids cleaned up and in presentable clothes, napped and fed, hair looking nice. We had a peaceful little 45 minute car ride, … More Weekend Wrap-Up

Thursday Three

Ahhh, Thursday. The weekend is just around the corner. My kids started off the week snotty and whiney but it’s clearing up and they’re feeling better. Just in time for the weekend! Yay! I don’t know how I manage to avoid all the junk and snot that goes through my house but so glad I … More Thursday Three

That Fat Life

You know those super fat things you do and you’re just like WHYYYYYY did I just do that?? I’ve done that a lot. I have countless times I’ve finished off a pizza or bag of donuts in record time. Typical, right? When I worked in an office, I had a co-worker who brought in chips … More That Fat Life