10 Things for a Girly Pick-me-Up

  1. Paint my nails. I prefer dark colors (black, maroon, dark purple) on my fingernails. Or very pale pink or nude. I’m a big fan of bright neon shades on my toes but I’ve never liked how they look on my fingernails. It’s October which means HELLO BLACK POLISH, I have missed you.nail-polish
  2. Dye my hair. See above picture…Just went dark! (Thank you, Heather)… The first time bleach touched my hair, I fell in love. I still remember my first time, sigh… I was in 7th grade. My mom took me to some lady (no clue who) and she placed that cap over my head and ripped away at my scalp with needles until she pulled all the proper pieces of hair through. Highlights! I still love them. I have the skin and eye tone that pulls off both dark and light hair fairly well (yay me!) so you never know what color my hair will be.
  3. Buy a new outfit. Shopping is easily one of my favorite things to do. But somewhere between three kids and a husband who is in nursing school full-time, my wardrobe has been lacking. I do what I can, and thanks to Pinterest, I like to try out fun new ways to mix and match the pieces I do have. I’m no fashionista, but I refuse to be the mom in sweats until my kids graduate high school. Not. Happening.
  4. Apply some fake tanner. I still plan to go into much more detail about my love affair with sunless tanner, so I’ll keep it short and simple here. A tan is good for the soul. Instant happiness. You can find my favorite here.
  5. Work out. It sucks, I know. And even though you don’t get instant results physically, you do get instant results mentally. Exercise, people. Find something you enjoy and do it!
  6. Get out of my house alone for a couple of hours. What I actually mean…Grocery shop. Glamorous, right? Meh…But I am by myself. And I am taking my time. And I’m not filling the requests of 3 little people who eat more than a football player hitting puberty.
  7. Shower and shave. Simple, huh? Well, for most people, yes. As cliche as it may be, showering with 3 young children can sometimes be difficult. However, it is easier now that they’re all over the age of 1. Yay for good hygiene!
  8. Enjoy a cheap bottle of wine. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap. Your local Dollar General carries a bottle for less that four bucks. I like to share a bottle (or two) with my husband on a Friday (or sometimes Tuesday) night and catch up on some crap TV.
  9. Organize something in my house. I’m a fairly organized person but I’m human. My medicine cabinet gets cluttered, my laundry basket gets too full, my kids’ closets sometimes have shoes that don’t fit. But, honestly, not often. It’s not because I have all the time in the world. It’s because it makes my life so much easier when I don’t have to dig through a bunch of kids clothes that no longer fit. Occasionally I pick a task to tackle. Which typically results in throwing away, selling, and donating a LOT of stuff. But I feel soooo much better decreasing my clutter.
  10. Blog. I’m pretty tied down to my house. I work from home so there’s no running errands at 10 a.m. or heading out to the office each morning. It’s what I chose and I would choose it again every time. I’m so so so thankful that I’m with my kids in these early years before they’ll be in school everyday. With parenting comes lots of sacrifices, and hobbies are one of them. Blogging is a simple (for me) way to have a hobby that I enjoy while also connecting with all of you! Love love it!

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