Santa Mom is Coming to Town

Christmas shopping is one of my most favorite things to do. I love choosing gifts for someone that I know they’ll love. Something just for them. I will make lists upon lists of ideas, jot down items in my phone’s Handy Dandy Notebook throughout the year as someone mentions something they’d like, and occasionally I ask my kids what they want for Christmas. The ideas they (well, just Bella at this point) repeatedly spout off are the ones that stick. The ones I will search the Internet for until I find exactly what they want, at a price I can afford. Are they spoiled? Maybe. But those one or two gifts that she’s waited all year for, I’m gonna find them.

It’s almost October which means I’m close to being finished Christmas shopping (eyes roll all across the Internet). I like to get all the have-to gifts first. Kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, Dirty Santa, etc. Everyone marked off my list, then over the next couple of months if I run across something for my kids that they (I) can’t live without, it’s just extra! Well this week I came across this little jewel thanks to Facebook ads. They get me every time.


It’s from  Southern Tots and on sale for $19.99. For another $7 you can add their initial so duh, I did. You can do one initial, all three, or your child’s name. It looks to be the perfect size for kids who are in and out of car seats and because pink goes with everything when you’re two and four years old, pink it is!

Another favorite site I order a LOT of my girls’ cutesy attire from is Sparkle in Pink {I’ll be sure to share some faves I get from there as I order}.

So affordable, good quality, and you don’t have to wait 7 weeks after you place your order for the UPS man to show up with your duds.

Happy Christmas shopping, folks!


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